Of strangers and kindness

A kind lady sitting next to me at the parlour offered to help me out by lending me a dollar when she overheard me explaining to a friend about how I was short of one dollar and needed her to come rescue me immediately. Later that same week, another kind bus driver let me ride the bus for free one morning when I had zero cash on me and insufficient balance in my ez link card!

That’s two close shaves on potentially embarrassing situations in the same week!

They remind me of the nice lady who helped me get to the hospital during rush hour a few months ago. I never got to thank her or see her again, but I am ever so grateful to her for what she did.

We rarely come across complete strangers who are really nice to you for no reason. Why would someone ever go out of their way to be nice to you when they very well know that they will never see you again? I guess genuinely nice people do exist in plenty and I have been lucky to have run into a few of them in my life. Time to pass the kindness around 😀

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2 Responses to Of strangers and kindness

  1. Shweta says:

    There is this lady Patricia madson (author of a book on improv) who always pays the toll fare at the booth for the car behind her. And without any expectations of thanks – (these are cars on a highway and no one can really pull over and offer thanks). She does it for the joy of being a good human .. I thought that was pretty inspiring!

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