Zoom in, Zoom Out

This year started with a very rude awakening for me. It was pointed out to me (rightly so) that I am constantly zoomed into my own little world…zoomed in at max, if you will. I was too wrapped up in my own head to notice the world around me. Although it is necessary to zoom in and get a close look at select details in order to the root of a situation, zooming in too much can lead you astray. More often than not, zooming out is also very essential if you want to get the big picture and put things in perspective. 

And so, I’ve been practicing to zoom out all the way to the pale blue dot. Once there, it helps to remind yourself that, we’re all just insignificant dots on another insignificant pale blue dot. Everyone we have ever known lived on this pale blue dot. And when you zoom back in, you’ll be able to put things in perspective, identify the elephants in your life, and most importantly – you’ll realize that whatever is troubling you today, is just a fraction of the life you have ahead of you! After a lot of practice, I think I am finally getting the hang of it.


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